D RISK IT (DRI) is an educational business tool, put together from a slow-burning idea that was developing as a result of my interactions and dealings in the startup and early-stage investment landscape. Having a long track record in company and business communication, I could see that there was too frequently a communication miss-match between the founders looking for investment and the investors looking for a good deal. The communication of the founders frequently didn’t address the information requirements of the investors. Or put another way, founders would tell their ‘business story,’ not an ‘investment story.’

DRI addresses this, giving a founder’s deal story a series of stress-tests, as well as helping address issues such as valuation, investor’s ROI and exit. DRI can potentially make the difference between getting your deal in through the door, or being consigned with the majority to a rejection, without the opportunity for a further discussion or a pitch opportunity.

I hope you find it useful. Remember, it’s currently in beta so please do send a comment, not just about the app but also on your fundraising experiences.

The DRI Founder’s blog has lots of startup fundraising tips and guidance and can be seen here: weklik.wordpress.com
Aristos Peters

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