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Holding page created by Launchrock

It’s 2013 and I find myself coming over all entrepreneurial again. The last time I was involved in an entrepreneurial startup was over five years ago. Smartphones were just beginning to come centre-stage and a company called Facebook were looking like they might give MySpace a run for their money. Prior to that (2000-2005), I’d been the owner of a digital agency building many company’s first websites. With mobile, tablet, social media and platform technology all affording a multi-reach approach, this time around, the startup game is very different. This first became apparent to me when I started to put together an early P&L for D RISK IT. I realised that the projection of reach from social media aspects and customer acquisition benchmarking was going to be where my challenge would lie. Setting that challenge aside for the time being (I will probably pick it up for another blog article), a major discovery is over just how many free or low cost resources there are out there to develop my product or its promotion campaign. This blog is the first of several looking at some of the great resources that I’ve found along the way. Here’s the first …

LaunchRock ( LaunchRock

If you haven’t got either the time or the ability to put up a holding page on your domain whilst you grow your product and business plan, then LaunchRock is a great time saver. With a selection of templates, you make your choice then drop in your “Coming Soon” content and your branding (if you have any yet). Your audience can leave their basic contact details and receive an email alert once your product goes live. The registration details (sign-ups) are hosted in a simple database that can be viewed within your LaunchRock control panel. This CP gives you a basic set of analytics but you can also use Google Analytics at the same time to capture the google analytic formats. My only (minor) criticism is that the templates do not always utilise the full width of the page and so if you want to include more text than the template afords for, then your content may slip off down the page.

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