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KL_SkylineDRI Launches (quietly for now)

At last, after months of planning, it’s good to see the Android app finally on the Google Play store and to have something to look at and play around with on a phone; even if I did have to buy another handset to do so (I’m an iPhone user and so have to wait a little longer before I get the app on my Apple device).


Download In The Google Play Store

If you’d like to try out the app for yourself and you’ve got an Android smartphone, then click the ‘Google Play’ icon below to go to the Play Store where the app can be downloaded ‘FREE.’


Screenshots & Help Videos

There will be additional blog articles in the near future to review in detail the app’s three modules. Feedback so far has been really helpful and positive and it seems there is a groundswell of opinion suggesting that the app would work better in a website. This is good news as once the iPhone versions has been released the plan is to start working on the website version.

Accelerators, Incubators, Investment Groups, VCs, Brokers & Crowdfunders

The app has initially been developed with startup founders in mind but the three modules in the app, along with additional features are being developed for the wider investment and funding community. If you belong to one of the groups in this paragraph’s heading and have tried out the app, then we’d really love to have a conversation with you to see what you like and don’t like about the app. We’d also like to get your ideas as to how D RISK IT can be developed for your use in the funding landscape.

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