Our Beta Feedback

Excellent on customer surveyYou haven’t heard from DRI for a while as we have been busy getting feedback on the beta version of D RISK IT. Over 160 android downloaders gave us some great feedback and it’s clear that there is work to be done on the Homepage interface. A lot has been crammed into this app and it seams it is not always obvious how to use it, so we will address that in the next build.

One or two have queried why we have developed the way we have; mobile app and not desktop browser and Android first before Apple iOS. The DRI experience would definitely lend itself itself better to the desktop environment and there has always been the plan to move over to it once the back had been broken of the mobile app’s workload. The original aim was two fold: firstly to put out a free fundraising / investment readiness app that would help give startup founders a better chance of gaining investor attention for their deal but secondly, to see how easy it would be to contain the three modules/tools and all their associated content in a smartphone app. For sure, we will hop over to the desktop soon but for now, we thought an app would be a convenient and neat way to learn-up on many aspects of fundraising and how to put the best possible deal in front of investors. In fact, one of our beta testers, who is currently fundraising himself, said that he managed to work his way through all three modules and then email himself the results via the app’s reporting facility, all in the space of his 45 minute tube train journey. feedback_cloud

As for Android before Apple, well that was just the original developer’s strongest platform. In hindsight, going for Apple first would have been a lot easier but having broken the back of the work in going for Android first, it will be a delight when we move over to Apple.

If you haven’t yet downloaded (Android) or registered (Apple) the app then go to the homepage here to do so.

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